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Re: [CDT-L] towns, again

At 02:40 PM 1/14/99 -0500, Virginia Owen sent:

	GINNY!  How nice to see your print again!

>How is resupply in the following places:

	Unfortunately, all I'm familiar with is Lincoln.  Lincoln is actually a
museum-like place, and I don't remember seeing even a grocery store or a
gas station there.  The is a nice Butterfield stage coach, though...

>However, Lincoln, Wisdom, Lima, Old Faithful Village, Encampment, Grand
>Lake,Creede, South Fork,  Chama, Cuba, Reserve, and Columbus are a bit more
>iffy. They have stores, but are they good for long term resupply, or just
>lunches and snacks?  How creative will we have to be?

	From my memory, pretty darn creative.  would a map of the town help?  I
have a nice program that I could pull a map from and possibly convert it to
a .bmp, .jpg, or a .gif.


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