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[CDT-L] towns, again

We're starting to finalize our maildrop schedule for our hike this year. As
some of you know, we want to do as much resupply in towns as we can in
order to avoid having to pay shipping from the east coast (and also to
avoid overwhelming Kahley's storage area).  Sometimes it is pretty obvious
that resupply is good ie. if they have a Safeway or an Albertsons, we're
ok, but "Village Market" can be anything from a supermarket to a gas
station grocery.  From our hikes the past two years, we found that East
Glacier and Lake City both have pretty grocery stores, despite their small
size. So - I'm throwing it out to you who live out there or have hiked all
or part of the trail - 

How is resupply in the following places:

>From my research, it seems that East Glacier, Butte, Helena, Anaconda,
Salmon, West Yellowstone, Dubois, Lander, Pinedale, Steamboat Springs,
Winter Park, Silverthorn/Frisco, Leadville, Gunnison, Salida, Lake City,
Pagosa Springs, Silver City, Deming and Grants would definitely be good for
long term resupply.

Benchmark, Leadore, Macks Inn, Brooks Lake, Big Sandy, South Pass/Atlantic
City/Rock Shop, Twin Lakes, Garfield, Pie Town, Copper Mountain, Hachita
and Mimbres all will require a mail drop, unless we wanted to hitch to a
larger town.

However, Lincoln, Wisdom, Lima, Old Faithful Village, Encampment, Grand
Lake,Creede, South Fork,  Chama, Cuba, Reserve, and Columbus are a bit more
iffy. They have stores, but are they good for long term resupply, or just
lunches and snacks?  How creative will we have to be?

A lot of these we probably won't use because they are too far off the trail
unless we have to.  Our present plan calls for between 20-29 town visits.
In some cases we haven't decided whether it is worth carrying several days
extra food in order to avoid a long hitch or problematic resupply. (i.e. we
will probably skip Salmon, Lima, and Reserve and unless there's an urgent
need, we plan to skip Moran, Pinedale, Dubois and Lander)   In some cases,
that may be decided when we are out there. One of the advantages of buying
as you go is that you're less tied down to a schedule. You don't have to
worry about weekends and holidays either.  How hungry are we??  That may be
the deciding factor. But there will be some very long stretches between
laundromats and clean sheets.  I've been known to go to town just for a hot

Comments anyone?  Please!  

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