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[CDT-L] CDT Southern Terminus Information

[This may be a duplication of previous information, since I am a sporadic
subscriber to these lists.]
   During a New Year's weekend in the Antelope Wells, NM area, I met friendly
Pat Harris at the Egg Nest, a small cafe in Hachita, NM, 47 miles from, and
the nearest community of any size to the southern CDT start/finish point.
   The Egg Nest offers meals, as well as various other services to hikers.
These including parcel holding and shipment, internet access, limited
groceries, a shower facility, nearby [primitive] accommodations, and current
trail info.  He will also transport hikers to/from Lordsburg, NM, which is
served by bus from Albuquerque.
   You can call Pat at 505-436-2666, or e-mail him at: THEEGGNEST@vtc.net.
for further information.  
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