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[CDT-L] Re: [at-l] Thruhiking - What are you carrying?

     I apologize for not fleshing out this response, but I have to offer a 
     countervailing observation:
     The people who say "The equipment doesn't matter!" generally have the 
     equipment which meshes with their methods and satisfies their needs. 
     You mention ultralite "system" as a method -- I bet you'll agree that 
     ALL hiking styles (enough styles for each individual!) comprise a 
     "system". The hiking system is BOTH the hiker AND the individual 
     articles of equipment; the system must mesh well, satisfy day-to-day 
     needs, and plausibly allow progress up the trail. If a piece of 
     equipment seems to engender consistent delay in getting progress up 
     the trail, the hiker must change either the method of using the 
     equipment OR change the equipment. Equipment debates are more often 
     system debates than disagreements about articles of equipment given 
     the same hiking system. Thus, it may be better to make the observation 
     The people who say "The equipment doesn't matter!" generally have the 
     method of hiking which smoothly meshes their equipment and their 
     Lastly, thanks again for your "Throughhiking Papers" -- they're quite 
     a contribution.

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