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Re: [CDT-L] "Blue blazing" the CDT

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 Date:	98-12-10 20:19:12 EST
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 Hello Jim (Wolf) -
 You asked:
 >Just curious -- weren't you aware of the CDTS guidebook, which
 >describes the route over Bancroft and Parry in detail?  We expect
 >to continue to recommend that hikers take that route. Thanks for
 >your informative post.
 It would have been interesting to compare your guidebook and the one by
 Jones.  I had guessed that I would want to use a guidebook on the CDT.
 How do I get your books?  

-- Order from us (with discounts if you are a member). For details see  
<A HREF="http://www.gorp.com/cdts/";>CDTS Home Page</A> 

Are they up to date? 
--Volumes 1, 5, and 6 are up to date. Vol. 2 with forthcoming Supplement is up
to date.  Vol. 3 (with Supplement) does not reflect official designation near
Togwotee Pass and at south end of Wind Rivers, nor the BLM Proposed Action in
the current EA. Vol. 4 needs to be updated (as explained in a recent
DIVIDEnds), but has unique information, esp. on routes in Never Summers,
Indian Peaks, and James Peak to Copper Mountain via Silverthorne.

 Do they have contour maps?
-- No
 Do they let us know when we are nearing private property?  
-- Yes.
Do you help the reader understand the LNT implications of their hike choices
in the various ecosystems along the CDT? 
-- To a very limited extent only.
 Did you work with the managing agencies when you documented the various
-- Yes.
 Would your books supplement or replace the Jones book? 
-- Replace (though you need to be aware of certain changes in the coverage of

Will I still need to purchase additional maps if I buy your
-- Strongly recommended. (We supply Map-Paks for portions of Montana and
Wyoming and all of Colorado.)
 BTW, while I am asking all these questions, I will have to admit that I am
 so ignorant about CDT lore that I don't know the difference between the
 CDTS and the CDTA...could you fill me in?

-- CDTS was established in 1978.  Our focus has been on trying to get the best
possible route location and on providing good practical information to hikers.
We receive no funding from Forest Service or equipment manufacturers, etc.  We
favor a silent trail -- which means limited motorized and mountain bike use.
We take pride in recent recognition by the American Long Distance Hiking
Association (Western Chapter) of "lifelong contributions to the Continental
Divide Trail and long distance hiking."  See our home page for more
information.  We leave it to others to characterize CDTA.

Jim Wolf
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