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[CDT-L] Screwed up

Hello Jim (Wolf) -

I don't know what made me check, but I just discovered that a little
earlier I quoted a private communication from you back to the list.  I
apologize - I don't think doing that is appropriate without your

I have my filters (reader sw) set up so that list messages go into a
"CDT-L" mailbox and private messages go into a different one.  The
"[CDT-L]" in the "Subject:" field fooled the filter into thinking it was a
list message.  I will fiddle with the filter algorithm to try to tighten it
up a tad.

I do think that the topic is a  great one for discussion on the list, but I
do apologize for taking it there without your permission.

 - Charlie II  AT (MEGA'93)
              PCT (Mex@Can'95)
          Chipping away at the CDT

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