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Re: [CDT-L] trail support

Tom & Donna Bombaci wrote:
> Howdy all, I've been seeing a few posts about NM lately, and folks
> discussing planning for the 1999 season already.
> So here's my two cents:  I am contemplating starting up a web page for
> [NM at least] CDT "trail angels" and hostels who are willing to be
> listed as relatively permanently of the state of mind which causes them
> [us] to allow perfect strangers into our houses.
> I operate Tom Bombadil's Hostel on the Continental Divide Trail, and
> with Michelle Ray in town [Grants NM] we provide pretty much all the
> Pizza Hut, hot showers, clean sheets, etc., that a through-hiker might
> want.  I realize that's no small statement!
> I have also been in touch with a hostel in Silver City and have tried to
> contact a hostel in Cuba.  They are closed for the season, I guess.  No
> sense of adventure.  Anyway, I'd like to compile a listing of places and
> people throughout our wonderful state, and make it available to all
> through-hikers.  Might be easier to plan a trip if hikers have some idea
> of where some support might be found.
> Any ideas?
> Tom
> --
> Tom Bombaci, Jr.    Grants, New Mexico, USA
> NMGenWeb County Coordinator for 4 counties;
> CTGenWeb Town Coordinator for 3 towns;
> Also pages for cribbage, trucking companies,
> Tom Bombadil's Hostel on the CDT, my
> personal genealogical information, and the
> Sons of the American Revolution, all at
> http://www.7cities.net:80/roadrunr/
Tom - Bryan Shuman mentioned how terrific you were when he hiked through
there in 1997.  I look forward to meeting you next year - sometime in
November.  A listing of New Mexico hostels is a good idea - any helpful
town info too - laundromats and which towns have grocery stores that are
good for long term resupply especially.  

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