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Just on the night before my imminent departure for Mexico to spend the
winter there, I discovered this site.  So without having time to read
all the introductory messges yet, I will just post this message to
introduce myself to the CDT hinking community.

I am male, retired age 56, used to living/hiking solo but interested in
sharing a thru CDT hike  northbound next season '99 with a partner
having similar goals, for our mutual support.  

My previous experience is a thru PCT hike in 94, averaging 22 mpd, but
this time around I would like to slow down (my trail name is Willis
Whoa) to about 15 mpd, with some quiet time each day to be aware of the

I  have lived without a home for the past six years, mostly in the
sonoran desert of southwest Arizona in the fall or spring, Mexico in the
winter, and high sierras or high desert of Montana in the summertime. I
travel light, my pack load is about 15-20 lbs.

My distinctive footwear is a pair of homemade Tarahumara 3-hole huarache
sandals, made from a strip of rubber tire.  They don't do well in snow,
however, so I may be obliged to squeeze my feet into a pair of sneakers,
but one has to be prepared to make some sacrifices  for a goal like the

Actually my goal is not to do the CDT per se, but I would  like to do a
challenging hike, and the CDT is closer to my homeground than west coast
or east coast.  I may  ramble over New Mexico  in April, May and some of
June, before taking the CDT seriously in Colorado and beyond.

My postal mail address where my brother will hold and forward paper mail
  Jonathan Willis Whoa Jarvis
  9601 Wagley Robertson Rd
  Fort Worth, TX 76131

See also http://profiles.yahoo.com/williswhoa

See you later  -- Willis Whoa

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