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[CDT-L] Wyoming EA

We got the latest version of the Wyoming environmental assessment
yesterday. I was a bit disappointed - there really isn't much new, except a
few changes in mileage, and one new alternate side trail route that adds a
lot of miles near South Pass.  [Of course, if you lived in Wyoming, it
would make a good loop hike, and it is probably pretty interesting, but
even they don't consider it as a primary route, just an added side-trail.]
 Looking at the numbers for the route from South Pass to Medicine Bow
Forest, the trail seems to vary from 168 - 209 miles.  The Preferred
Alternative routes are mostly shorter, but it seems that in some cases the
alternate routes are better, though they may be chancy during times of
snowmelt.  i.e. along the Sweetwater or crossing the various Willow Creeks.
 Since this is still just an Environmental Assessment, and is almost
exactly the same as the last one (more prefatory material, but fewer
details) - are we really any closer to a final route selection?  The
assessment is extremely paranoid about problems with trespassing - has
anyone actually had any problems with landowners along the way?  How
worried should we be?  Does  anyone have any comments on the Assessment or
the route in Wyoming?

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