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  But then, the only people worth knowing are those who are crazy
(personal opinion J).  For the most part, people who hike (especially
long distances) are REAL.  On a long distance hike, people don't have the
time, energy or inclination to maintain the "masks" that "civilized"
people believe are so important.  And we've made connections
with people from all walks of life, all occupations, all sizes, ages,
interests - and some of those people are our friends.  To a large degree
they're also our "family" - because we have more in common with them, and
in many cases, more contact with them than we do with our "birth family".

Jim, I snipped this out of of your "Why I hike" post. It stands out from
those other reasons you stated, as my main reason to try to long-distance
backpack. To me, it's the main part  of what's called "Trail Magic" I
personaly like to hike solo, to enjoy or endure your statement above. I 
guess this stems from my 20+ years in the military, were you usually must
be a team player.

I rarely every goto any trail type meetings, though enjoyed the Oct 
ALDHA gathering, and finnally meeting you and Ginny. I only saw you that
once, would have liked to chat.
Good luck on your planned CDT through hike in '99, maybe I'll see ya on
the trail.

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