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[CDT-L] The Gathering

Are any of you planning to attend either of the long distance hiker
Gatherings in October?  If you are hoping to do a long distance hike, it
is a good way to get first hand information on the long trails. If you
don't know, they are weekend events - Friday evening, all day Saturday
and Sunday. There will be workshops, slide shows, music, lots of
discussion, dancing, etc.   

ALDHA-West (American Long Distance Hikers Association West)  is holding
it's Gathering on October 2-4 at Cascade Locks in Oregon. 
For an schedule of events see www.gorp.com/nonprof/aldhaw/gathering .
Jim Wolf will be there giving a workshop, and Dave Cobb, who thruhiked
the CDT a few years ago, will also be there. 

The ALDHA (Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Assn.) Gathering on the east
coast is in Athens West Virginia (not far from Pearisburg, VA if you
know the AT) and will be Columbus Day Weekend - October 10-12.  Karen
Berger will be doing a slide show and Workshop on the CDT, and Cindy and
Todd will probably be there (they should have finished their section
hike of the CDT this summer.) There will probably be others.  Of course,
there will be the usual workshops on the other long distance trails -
the AT, ADT, PCT, Colorado Trail, John Muir Trail, and Long Trail plus
some trails in Scotland, Africa, etc. For details, check out
www.aldha.org.  Jim and I will be there - anyone else?
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