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[CDT-L] Announcement

Hello everyone, 

CDT-L has a new home. The new address is ...


Any mail sent to the old address cdt-l@server2.iqsc.com will
automatically be forwarded to the new address so either address will
work for now. 

backcountry.net, formerly saffron.hack.net, is the new home for the
National Scenic Trails list servers and it's hosted by Ryan Brooks. 

We'll keep you posted on the progress of BackCountry.net as new
things are brought online.

In the future we'll add a digest mode for CDT-L if traffic and
demand warrants it. I suspect traffic on this list to be fairly
light for a while. Also, we plan to make the archives of the list
available via a website.

That's it for now. Happy trails...


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