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[CDT-L] Teflon Coating on Pots/Pans

Received a post several months ago about companies that teflon coat pots/pans.  I decided to give it a try and I was very impressed with Hamlin - Stevens Co.
Had my Titanium Pots coated at what I considered a very reasonable cost.  Was so impressed I sent all my other Aluminum pots/pans for coating.  Received them today and I am am very pleased with the results.
If you need your pots/pans Teflon Coated contact:
     Russ Ackerknecht
     Hamlin - Stevens Co.
     300 Waterview Avenue
     Bridgeport, CT 06608
     Phone 203 335-2195
     Fax 203 366-8005
     e-mail/net www.non-stick.com
The company is very customer oriented and do their best to try to please.  I can attest they were great.
If you need your pots/pans Teflon Coated I would recommend you give this company a try.  They do not accept credit cards but will accept personal checks.  I told them mine wouldn't bounce as I still had plenty of checks left so I couldn't be out of money.  Even went so far as to tell them to drop it on the floor and if it bounced be worried.  They didn't even realize how close it came!  Shucks I still had about $0.03 cents left when the check cleared.

Anyway to whoever posted that address I am eternally grateful.  Great company to work with and I really enjoyed the personal touch.  Russ even called me at work just to make sure I had received my order.  (I think he was impressed that the check didn't bounce - So was I) 
Anyway I promised him it wouldn't and am so glad it didn't.
All kiding aside.  Great Company!  Great People!  Highly recommend if you need Teflon Coating.