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Re: [CDT-L] List discussion

> >Water certainly can be a problem on the CDT, along with altitude
> >sickness.  (The
> >two seem to be related.)
> >
> As badly as I hate mosquitoes..., I'll take them over dehydration. I HATE
> to be dehydrated!! As I grow older I notice that my tolerance of being
> dehydrated is less and less.

I'd gladly take water with mosquitoes, or worse, on the CDT.  It's finding any water
at all that can be difficult at times .  It's not called the Continental Divide for

> What stove do you use Marilyn?

The zip stove is an interesting concept, but for cooking at 10,000 to 12,000 ft
altitude on the CDT in southern Colorado, I'll stick to our MSR Whisperlite.  Even so
I've never managed to completely rehydrate certain meals at that altitude, and I'm
not willing to lose several thousand feet just to cook.

Marilyn J. Dykstra
CDT Section Hiker

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