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Re: [CDT-L] List discussion

dykstra@pacbell.net wrote:
> CABONSALL@aol.com wrote:
> > In response to James Lofton...
> >
> > I think this would be a great place to discuss the pros & cons of various
> > equipment on the CDT and the western mountain area in general.  The
> > Appalachian Trail mail list has lots of equipment discussions, but there are
> > different environments out here that are not addressed.
> >
> > One example is that I use the Sierra ZZ stove out here almost exclusively.
> > However, back east on the AT many claim that there are times when there is no
> > dry fuel handy.
> >
> > Another example seems to be the need for much more rain gear on the AT.
> >
> > Charlie Bonsall
> > Utah
> >
> Good luck finding fuel on the CDT above timberline!

While I agree that fuel could (would) be a problem at times, most of the
times it could be worked around by planning ahead. Maybe by picking up
some small pieces and carrying along (it uses very little) or using deer
or other animal droppings. "hike high, cook low"!? :>)

>The zip stove sounds really interesting, but I wonder what the Forest
>policy is on such stoves in areas where no fires are allowed.  Several
>times when
>we've been on the CDT in southern Colorado no fires were allowed.

I would be interested to know this also. I've gotten conflicting answers
on this one. One can buy a spark screen for it,(I have one for mine) and
if used it makes the stove as safesafer?) as any stove. My guess would be
that a lot would have to do with the ranger on duty. I spent 9 years
fighting forest fires in Alaska and I personally don't see this stove as
a fire danger, "IF" used responsible. What I think and what the forest
service policy is on this subject is two differant things tho.. <G> If I
were thru hiking, I would sure check ahead!

>Water certainly can be a problem on the CDT, along with altitude
>sickness.  (The
>two seem to be related.)

As badly as I hate mosquitoes..., I'll take them over dehydration. I HATE
to be dehydrated!! As I grow older I notice that my tolerance of being
dehydrated is less and less.

What stove do you use Marilyn?
 As I said in a past post, I use either esbit tabs or a 25+ year old
optimus 8R-jr(that has never missed a beat).


> Marilyn J. Dykstra
> CDT Section Hiker

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