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Re: [CDT-L] questions

>Hello Tom,
>Thanks for the return. With your permission I will post your message on
>the CDT list, as I'm sure many would like to meet you and be interested
>in what you said.
>The "Bob" is one of the places on my wish list. I also enjoy taking trips
>in my folding kayak "folbot", so the saying "so many places, so little
>time, really fits with me. :>)
>Let me know on the post. Maybe we can stirr up some interest here.
>Tom & Donna Bombaci wrote:
>> James, I would guess someone is delinquent about picking up the Capitan
>> check-ins.  Might call for a phone call...  I was atop Mount Taylor in NW
>> yesterday, and the mailbox was full of old and very rumpled notes.
>> time to take them home and archive them, since the local FS does not seem
>> do so...
>> I, too, would like to see gear reports here.  Terrific idea!  I was a
>> late getting into the backpacking craze of the time, so my first pack was
>> Kelty Tioga in 1976.  Spent three weeks in the Bob Marshall with friends.
>> Best regards, Tom


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