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Re: [CDT-L] questions

Owen wrote:
> James Lofton wrote:
> >
> > Also:, why no trip reports?
> >
> James -
> If there's any interest, we'd be willing to put out our journal from
> last year's excursion on the CDT in the San Juans in Colorado.  But it
> would have to be done in sections - it's 19 pages long.
> We just got back from 11 days on the CDT in Glacier NP and will
> eventually write up our journal and put it out, but that'll take a while
> - we're still trying to unpack.
> Walk softly,
> Jim

Hello Jim,

I for one would. Sounds interesting!
Lets give the owners of the site and others time to say something, but I 
have a feeling I know the out come.

I have already talked to one of the owners via private e-mail about the 
trip reports and got a favorable answer.

Unpacking you say!?? The only time our living room is NOT cluttered with 
gear is when I'm gone. :>)


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