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[CDT-L] questions

Hello everyone...?

I have a couple of questions. One that doesn't have anything to do with
the CDT per se, but maybe someone out there knows.

I just returned from a short backpack in the Capitan wilderness(in NM) 
and after
reading over some of the "checkins" at the Capitan peak register I
wondered a couple of things. First, who picks them up?, and how often?
I figure that many states have local mountaineering clubs that maintain
some peak registers and maybe keep a log? Does NM? The reason I ask is
the jar was quite full and at least one entry was 1997. Not a big thing,
just curious.

The next thing is, would it be possible to see here from time to
time, maybe some gear test, atleast things that work or don't work on the
trail. This may not be the place for such discussions?? It's just that
I've been "backpacking" for going on .., well, the first camptrail
crusier frame pack, 67??(before that it was just walking with a rucksack
I guess). :>) Lived in AK for nine years and we called it mountaineering
or bushwacking, depending on how high you were!
Anyway, I still struggle with new gear coming out and altho I now use
mainly a tarp and ground cloth, I would like to know what others, in real
use, think about the bivy bags, bivy tents, etc. I just don't have the
money to try every new thing that comes out, but would be interested in
what other people, that spend quite abit of time on the trail are using.
I think others might as well..

Thanks and sorry for the long rambling on.

Also:, why no trip reports?


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