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Re: [CDT-L] Books?

Kurt Russell wrote:
> I've had a question - I just didn't have the address (data
> loss) - Has anyone published a book on the CDT? Preferably, one
> with some technical info on the route as well as travel
> narrative... Thanks!
> Kurt
e have found four books, apart from guide books, picture/photographic
books and National Geographic books, on hiking the CDT.  Karen Berger's
book, "Where the Waters Divide" is really good and was recently reissued
in paperback.  Steve Pern, an Englishman, wrote "The Great Divide" on
his thruhike in about 1986. It was fun. Chris Townsend, wrote about his
CDT hike in a book about several of his long hikes, including the PCT,
"The Great Backpacking Adventure." He also wrote one about hiking the
Canadian Divide. Then of course there is Eric Ryback's "The Ultimate
Journey" - though that one is not of much use in planning a thruhike.   
His description sounds more like a deathmarch than a thruhike, but it is
interesting.  Cindy Ross is working on one on her hike over the past
few  years with her family.  They started on the Colorado Trail when the
kids were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 with llamas, then began hiking about 500 miles
a year.  They plan to finish this summer, biking through New Mexico.  I
have seen her slides and heard lots of stories, so it should be a good
book when it comes out. 

If anyone else knows any CDT books, please let me know, as
I am collecting them.  The McVeigh's video is also good for someone
planning a thruhike.  It shows both the good and bad aspects - beautiful
country, and lots of wildlife, but little maintenance and unmarked
trails, high fords, etc. It gets a bit preachy sometimes, but I enjoyed
it. (Actually them, there is a long version and a short version.) It is
available through the Continental Divide Trail Society (Jim Wolf).


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