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Re: [CDT-L] looking for a CDT section

Lester Miller wrote:
> hello,
> I am planning to hike from mid-August to mid-September, and am thinking of
> trying part of the CDT.  In past years I have been doing sections of the
> PCT and AT.  Can anyone suggest a ~450 to 500 mile part of the CDT which
> would be appropriate?  Appropriate means not getting snowed on much and
> having a reasonable water supply.
> I was thinking of Northern Colorado but am not sure when it begins to snow
> in the Rockys especially with El Nino this year.  El Nino effectively
> cancelled my original plan of hiking the John Muir trail again. . .
> -Lester
> p.s. sorry to whomever recieved this twice...
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The Rockies weren't really affected by El Nino - if anything, they
mostly had a little less snow than usual. The road through Glacier
opened up six weeks early I hear. Since El Nino is cooling off, it
shouldn't be a factor for the rest of this year. (Of course, the
pessimists are saying that next year could be a la Nina - which means
drought, especially in the west (remember 1988) - but they don't really
know yet, and the early media speculation drives some of the serious
meteorologists crazy.) With a month to hike, you can go anywhere. 
Southern Colorado is a good area - the country is gorgeous. Start at
Chama and head north. In Montana, you could go from Anaconda south
through the Anaconda Pintlars, around Big Hole to the Centennials to
Yellowstone - dryer, but beautiful.  There's Glacier and the Bob
Marshall and Scapegoat Wildernesses . . . The Winds north through
Yellowstone . . . Lots of possibilities. With a month, you could do the
whole Colorado Trail. You may get snow in September, but from what I
gather, it doesn't usually last too long at that time of year, and can
be followed by beautiful autumn weather.  Or you could get what we had
last summer - day after day of rain and hail.  We're trying to make much
the same decision - but we only have two weeks.  Our problem is
transportation - and trying to narrow down all the options.  I wish we
had more time!  I know - next year!
Message from the Continental Divide Trail Mailing List