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[CDT-L] exercise / preparation


I posted a message similar to this on the AT discussion list.  I
apologize for the duplication for any on both lists.  I'm new to the
list and wanted to ask some general questions about conditioning and
physical preparation for CDT treks/hikes.  I'm interested in hearing
what sorts of exercises (routines/methods) that people have found useful
in preparing for their backpacking trek on the CDT.  Obviously, getting
out and backpacking is a good way to do this.  What I'm looking for are
possible workout routines that target muscles or skill sets useful to
backpacking.  At the moment I bike quite a bit and I'm interested in
rounding that out with different types of training to get a broad based
preparation for the CDT and hiking in general.  I would appreciate
hearing any and all pointers that you can give me.  If you don't want to
clutter the list with non CDT workout items, feel free to respond to me
privately at rwilliam@imagecomm.com


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