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Re: [CDT-L] Snow Websites

Kelly Flowers wrote:
> Hello all.  Does anyone know of a website that provides info on snow levels
> (especially if they give historical data) on the CDT (San Juans, Glacier,
> etc.)?  Secondly, does anyone know if there is anyone doing the CDT this
> year who has a website so I can follow their progress?  Any help greatly
> appreciated!
> Take care,
> Kelly
> Kelly Flowers
> kkflower@students.wisc.edu
If you check out the GORP forum - subtopic Continental Divide Trail -
there is a post from Dan Ruffner who is hiking the CDT this year.  He
and Sara started at Glacier June 12, and they have a WEB Page devoted to
their journey.  To find the forum - go to the CDTS page and jump from
there.  As to snow pages, if you go into the NOAA pages there are
several that deal with snow and water. The Office of Hydrology is the
only one I can think of offhand, but there are others I've found from
time to time.  Sorry - I'm not Wild Bill - I can find the pages, I just
can't remember them!
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