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Re: [CDT-L] Intro

John R. Wheatley <jwheatle@indiana.edu> writes:
>Fellow hikers:
> on June 29 I will begin my trek from Old Faithful in Yellowstone to
Rocky Mountain National Park.
> Is there any advice that someone might give me about the trail along
this route that the Jim Wolf guidebooks don't include?  Any info would be
greatly appreciated.
 > And as for Chet's message about getting a ride from West Yellowstone
to Old Faithful and camping S.E. of there....that's what  my plan is. 
Hope it's feasible.

You mentioned me (Chet).  I won't be getting to Yellowstone till
approximately  12 July, so's just missed ya.

You metioned JW'S guidebook. Are you following that whole route in WY?
I'm going to follow the BLM's proposed CDT route, from South Pass City to
Rawlins. If you want info on it, contact Ray Hanson
(wyrhanson@wy.blm.gov) phone 307 332 8420.
He's the BLM Coordinator, out of Lander. He might be able to e-mail or
fax the info.

I'll have drops at Brooks Lake Lodge, South Pass Historic Site, and
Rawlins in WY.
Steamboat Springs, Grand Lake, Copper Mtn, and Twin Lakes in CO.
What's yours?

Good luck on your hike.

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