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[CDT-L] Introduction

Fellow hikers:

     New to list, and just wanted to say hello.  My name is John, I'm a 24
year old student at Indiana University, and on June 29 I will begin my
trek from Old Faithful in Yellowstone to Rocky Mountain National Park.
I plan on a pace of 15 miles a day, with about 1 layover day a week.

     Is there any advice that someone might give me about the trail along
this route that the Jim Wolf guidebooks don't include?  Any info would be
greatly appreciated.
     And as for Chet's message about getting a ride from West
Yellowstone to Old Faithful and camping S.E. of there....that's what my
plan is.  Hope it's feasible.



John R. Wheatley
Depts. of Psychology, Biology,
and the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
Indiana University
e-mail: jwheatle@indiana.edu

"Eastward I go only by force; westward I go free."
					-- Henry David Thoreau

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