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[CDT-L] Intro

I posted a message about wo weeks ago, before the majordomo list was up,
don't know if it went thru, so's re-posting.

I've hiked on, and end-to-ended a few national scenic trails, and am
working on  the same for the CDT.
Hiked on the CDT the last two summers, going back again this.

Starting were I got off last year,  hiking  south into CO.

Will be taking the proposed BLM route,  from South Pass City,  to
Rawlins. If your not familar with this section, you can get info from Ray
Hanson (wyrhanson@wy.blm.gov). He's their CDT coordinator for WY,out of

If your interested in reading my journals, there're posted at my web
site, the URL is in my sig block below.

Looking fwd to other hikers experiences and tips.

  []0  AT 87-88                    
  []|- FT 89                                       
  []|  PCT 90-91                  
   /^\ NCT 92-95                  
  /__ \_  Backpacker Guide        

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