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Re: [CDT-L] Mountain biking

At 11:46 AM 5/26/98 -0700, Robinson, Brian A sent:
>The decision to build a trail is a decision to impact the land, so all
>choices thereafter are matters of degree.  In legally designated wilderness,
>no motorized or wheels vehicles are allowed.  This makes some sense, but
>does the average mountain biker really do more damage to the wilderness than
>the average horse or pack animal?  Not in my experience.  My point is not to
>disparage animals per se, but to point out that anywhere horses are allowed,
>mountain bikers should be also.  They both require high quality, well graded
>trail and bikers do less damage to that trail than do the animals.

	An overall great post, Brian.  Especially looking at the situation from
both sides.

	However, as I told Bruce in private email -- I've never seen bicycle
droppings on the trail, and I've never been kicked by a bicycle.  I HAVE
seen or experienced both from horses.


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