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At 04:21 PM 5/21/98 EDT, Jim sent:
>I do have a ??? about boots.  I went to the REI store and they said these
>were not good multi-day heavy load boots.  I have not had much porblems
>with them.  Has anyone had any
>problems with them? And does everyone use hiking poles now?

	Jim, I'm sure you already know that boots are a very individual, personal
item.  Each person likes and dislikes different things in their boots.

	Second, most of the employees at the REI store in Albuquerque want to help
and are knowledgeable.  However, you get that one occasionally who is just
there because...

	I suspect that anyone who makes a blanket statement about boots the way
the one above did either is a true expert or else has never set foot
outside the city.  Unfortunately, it's hard to tell which.

	So how does this relate to your question?  Well, if you already have
boots, give them a try.  That's a lot more cost-effective than buying a new
pair you may not need.  And personal experience is much more valuable than
a strangers suggestion.


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