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[CDT-L] Boots

Hi Jim,

Ah the boot question...  Everybody's different.  What's best is what works
for you.  But here's my 2 cents worth.  I hiked the last 1400 miles of the
PCT in '97 in Vasque Clarion GoreTex boots.  They were wonderful.  I
switched from Raichle Montagnas (BIG leather beasts!) for the weight
savings.  I didn't give them (the Clarions) ANY break-in time and had no
problems doing 25-30 miles per day.  My only complaint is the GoreTex is
useless.  The boots stay dry only about an hour longer than a non GoreTex
boot.  Don't pay extra for the tag.

Other's swear by running shoes.  I plan to give that a try "next time."  If
you have no ankle problems, and train to strengthen your ankles, this may
work for you too.   I've noticed, however, that big people carrying big
packs have more problems with light footwear than most.  If you and your
pack weigh more than 200 lbs, you should think twice before risking serious
ankle injury.


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> Hi, o you found me out.  I am a professional lurker.  Being a member of
> the
> PCT mailing list, and only been banned from it once, i have found some of
> the most interesting
> discussions to be on equipment.  What to carry, what not to carry etc.
> for example i have:
> Vasque Clarion gortex boots
> MSR Whisperlite stove
> Sierra designs clipflash light tent etc....
> I do have a ??? about boots.  I went to the REI store and they said these
> were not good multi-day heavy load boots.  I have not had much porblems
> with them.  Has anyone had any
> problems with them? And does everyone use hiking poles now?
> Jim
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