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Re: [CDT-L] RE: CDT list update

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Jim wrote:

> Hi, o you found me out.  I am a professional lurker.  Being a member of the
> PCT mailing list, and only been banned from it once, i have found some of
> the most interesting
> discussions to be on equipment.  What to carry, what not to carry etc.
> for example i have:
> Vasque Clarion gortex boots
> MSR Whisperlite stove
> Sierra designs clipflash light tent etc....
> I do have a ??? about boots.  I went to the REI store and they said these
> were not good multi-day heavy load boots.  I have not had much porblems
> with them.  Has anyone had any
> problems with them? And does everyone use hiking poles now?
> Jim

Hi Jim, how's it going? 

Not familiar with those Clarions. I have the Sundowners - don't know if they're
similar. The Sundowners are a pretty good boot for me and give me plenty of

Doug (also on CDT-L) recently purchased a pair of Leki poles but only wanted one
pole. I always hike with a stick so I agreed to split the pair with him. I
really liked it compared to my old trusty wooden stick. Now I'm hot to borrow
the other pole from Doug to try using two ;-)

Doug, when you're not looking ....


Ps. In case any of you don't know me... I'm an AT section hiker from the Atlanta
area. I help Ryan Brooks manage the AT-L list. Geek by trade...but normal

     milt webb - iq software corporation - 3295 river exchange drive
   norcross, georgia usa 30092 - 770/446-8880x245 - www.iqsoftware.com  

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