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[cdt-l] Wind River Range backpacking trip

OK, I'm getting this one out quickly. I've still got the Grand Canyon to do but I wanted to get this one out now. Last week I took part in a very successful trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Glen, Alan, and Ryan did one route and Peter and I did another. Our route formed a loop with Big Sandy Campground (USGS quad Big Sandy Opening for those that care) being the start and end point. We were out for five days and experienced all sorts of weather including high winds and snow. We saw gorgeous mountain lakes, fine forests of evergreens, expansive vistas from high passes, and heard all sorts of wildife (though sadly no bugling elk). The trip journal with associated photos can be found at <>. If all you want to see are the photos then <> will take you to the gallery.

As always you can find the latest additions to the site in the What's New section on the home page <www.speakeasy.org/~krk> and all the travels are on the Travel page at <www.speakeasy.org/~krk/travels/travel.html>.

Have fun.

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