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[cdt-l] NM journal

It occurred to me, after posting my recent "longwinded" message re: CDT New
Mexico journal, that the URL for the site was likely to have gone unnoticed
among all of the verbosity. So here it is again:


It's hardly complete, but it's a start. The finished journal won't happen
until I'm back from the AT in another couple of months. But in the meantime,
any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I decided to create the site
entirely as a Flash presentation, which has its share of pros and cons.
Running it on a laptop with P4 processor and 56k connection, it loads in a
couple of minutes and looks/sounds okay from my perspective. But slower, or
even faster, systems may produce unforeseen problems. In any case, it's an
artistic experiment, hopefully one that will evolve for the better over

As a side note, in the journal I seem to have given the CDTS NM guidebook an
early unfavorable review. I'd like to temper those comments - the guide was
in fact an essential item to have along, and although ours was a love/hate
relationship, the truth is that it helped much more than it hurt, it
consoled more often than it frustrated. The route described in the guide is
largely a pioneering one, a wild remote and scenic one, and it is
surprisingly well-watered. No doubt my hike was the better for my
perseverance with the guide, as I tried my best to reverse the
southbound-oriented directions, and as it tried _its_ best to point the way
through the oft-unsigned, sometimes trackless wilderness.

And did I need to drink from dirt cattle tanks along the way? In fact, not
once. In the springtime, with the ubiquitous winds, many of the windmills
along the way were producing, and this water I drank untreated. It was some
of the best-tasting water I've ever encountered.

- blisterfree