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[cdt-l] Drinking water from cattle troughs

If you don't drink from the cattle troughs, ponds, puddles and scummy 
springs, you won't survive very long on the CDT.  In NM and WY that is all 
there is in many places.  The troughs are actually where the better water 
is, unless you find a good windmill.  You should see some of the places they 
call springs!

>I have yet to have to do this, but getting my hiking started again here in
>NM I may have too. Being from Florida, I have always had access to halfway
>decent water. I have the filters, and the Iodine tabs and have used them
>even when the water came from a well. This weekend while checking a route
>for a planned hike next month in the Gila Wilderness, I stopped at a cattle
>tank, this one was just a deep hole in the ground. There were a few of the
>big guys drinking. The water was muddy, and not very enticing.
>So, is

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