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[cdt-l] Drinking water from cattle troughs

Sometimes, it literally tastes like sh*t.  Can't filter out the stench & that alone will make you feel sick (even if it's germ-free).  Mud will clog your filter pretty quick too. Then, there's just the mental aspect of just thinking about what you're drinking... I would guess that some of the worse pits are severly contaminated & even the best equipment can't clean it 100%. 

I'd try for the "above ground" tanks & try to avoid the "mud pits" if at all possible... or just carry more water.  I actually had really good luck with water in NM - never had to filter slime & mud (though I nearly needed to a couple of times).


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Subject: [cdt-l] Drinking water from cattle troughs
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 09:08:14 -0600
From: "Bill Hendrickson (E-mail 2)" <desertrat@swnm.com>
To: <cdt-l@mailman.backcountry.net>

I have yet to have to do this, but getting my hiking started again here in
NM I may have too. Being from Florida, I have always had access to halfway
decent water. I have the filters, and the Iodine tabs and have used them
even when the water came from a well. This weekend while checking a route
for a planned hike next month in the Gila Wilderness, I stopped at a cattle
tank, this one was just a deep hole in the ground. There were a few of the
big guys drinking. The water was muddy, and not very enticing.

So, is there any reason why not to use this water if you have all the right
Bill Hendrickson, Deming NM.