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I remembered another thing about the Cuban hostel in Cuba, NM:

It's 18 $ per night and it's a good place, the problem is it's remote and if your'e headed NB you have to get your groceries at town and get there later, all ready for the trail which is actually going through it, if your'e going south then get a good rest and get down to the safeway in Cuba afterwards, they open at 8am I think, and get your stuff and go.

The Internet in Cuba's library will work almost as slow as you will walk the trail... better give it up if you don't have the time for it.

... And, last but not least - the Cuban cafe, the firt thing NB'rs encounter on their way into town and the last for SB'rs has the greatest mexican combo plate with sopapillas served hot and fresh home baked chips with salsa for mere 8$ , if I remember it correctly, don't go through town without stopping there!!!

East glacier's hostel is place called Backpackers inn, right near the Mexican resturunt place called "Serano" and you can stay there for 10$ a night !! you can get internet services at the grocery store next door for a few dollars.

Ginny, I hope this is not too much of a mess for you all these details not in order, like I said, I'm still trying to get my stuff together here...



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