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[cdt-l] CDT Updates

Jim and I got roped into doing the CDT workshop at the Gathering again –  as 
once again there were no volunteers.  Where were you?  I know, everyone 
wants to do a slideshow--we all have pretty pictures -- but a workshop is a 
different matter.  Hopefully, with Jim’s assistance, we’ll do a better job 
this time than last year when I did it alone.  (I’m a very nervous public 
speaker!)  And next year, one of you can volunteer!

Anyhow, in going over the handout I gave out last time, I decided to check 
details (i.e. zip codes) and started wondering how outdated it is in terms 
of services available in the towns along the way.  I remember arriving in 
Pie Town expecting a grocery and two restaurants and discovering that the 
one diner remaining was closed on Mondays and the only grocery had gone out 
of business.  They didn’t even have a coke machine in town!  And the much 
anticipated trail angels were busy that day!

So, to get the update process started, and to benefit next year’s hikers, I 
have some questions for folks who have hiked recently:

Maildrops:  Do Benchmark, Togwottee Lodge, Brooks Lake Lodge and Big Sandy 
Lodge still take maildrops?  How about the lodge at Garfield? How about 
Ghost Ranch and the Egg Nest in Hachita?  Do you have current contact info?  
How about the ranger stations at Gila Hot Springs and Mimbres?  What, if 
anything, is at MacDonald Pass in MT these days?  Has anyone reopened the 

Groceries:  Some towns had small groceries, but you could resupply if you 
needed to (Wisdom, East Glacier, Leadore, most of NM) but some towns really 
require a maildrop, unless you are willing to hitch on to a larger town – 
i.e. Benchmark, Lima, Macks Inn, Big Sandy, South Pass/Atlantic City, Twin 
Lakes, Pie Town, and Gila/Mimbres Ranger Stations  Any others where you 
couldn’t find what you needed or the store was closed?

Hostels:  Are there still hostels in Silver City, Cuba, Grand Lake, and East 
Glacier?  Anyplace else?
(I don’t include trail angels who have lives that may not allow them to host 
hikers every year.)

Internet:  Did Lima and Leadore ever get Internet?

Official:  Were the rangers at Yellowstone still willing to arrange permits 
by telephone?  Any luck on getting the same in Glacier?  Did any of you get 
the Blackfoot Reservation permit to cross into Glacier?  If so, how do you 
get it?

Any major relocations that you ran into this year?  (We were the first to 
cross a relo in southern MT - Beautiful new sidehill trail which brought us 
to a spring  a mile sooner than expected – we were happy ;-)  But another 
time, in Colorado, we ran into a relocation that passed above the spring we 
needed at the end of the day.  We had to backtrack about a mile on that one. 
  Not happiness.

Any other areas where the information you had before you went didn’t match 

Finally, if you have hiked or hope to hike, please come to the workshop.  
The multitude of voices is what makes the Gathering work.  We have our 
experience and opinions, but know that yours may be very different.  The 
first time I gave a  CDTworkshop, I was really shocked to be told, “No, 
you’re wrong.”  Now I expect it.  Ours was a slow southbound hike – a fast 
hike, or a northbound hike, or a hike during a fire year, etc. will all 
provide different experiences.  So come share yours.  And for those who are 
hoping to hike in the next few years, come and bring lots of questions.


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