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[cdt-l] starting the process

Hi all, 

This is my first post to the list.  I hiked the PCT this summer and,
having been back for a few weeks now, am now feeling the bug to get 
out of town again.  Among several options is the CDT.  The CDT is
something I've wanted to do for a few years
and this upcoming summer may be my opportunity.  However, I can only
scrape together about 110 days over the summer to spend hiking.  I
finished the PCT in 105 days, but...A little birdie told
me that the CDT is generally a tougher trail to hike than the PCT, both 
in terms of route finding and route difficulty.  Average miles should be 
lower, and the total distance would probably be longer.  Although I 
averaged around 25 miles a day on the PCT, from Tahoe on (the last 
1500 miles), it was more like 30 a day.  I enjoyed just about everyday 
of hiking and never felt rushed or beaten down by the pace.  I just walked 
all day long.

In terms of trail difficulty (elevation gain/loss, route finding, etc),
how do the CDT and PCT compare?  I've thought about just hiking north 
to, say, Yellowstone. But, I'd really like to see Montana and Idaho.


Christopher Willett
Department of Mathematics
Indiana University
831 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN. 47405-7106