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[cdt-l] Fires in Glacier National Park

This is the latest information as provided by the Park Service:

Pitamakin Pass, and the CDT trails leading to it are still closed. The overhead teams that are here, and that control the fire and safety of the public, are still worried that we have not had enough rain to rule out another run by the Rampage Fire that could jump the divide and get into Two Medicine and the Pitamakin area.

The Highline Trail north of Granite Park Chalet is still closed because of
the Trapper Fire.  The trail, for several miles, is just above the active
fire with unburned fuels in-between trail and fire. This closure, too,
could change anyday and is likely soon but, again, it is the decision of
the overhead teams.

Updates will be available at www.nps.gov/glac/whatsnew.htm

[Northbounders:  please let us know about your progress and, in particular, whether the fire situation has inconvenienced you.]

Jim Wolf