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[cdt-l] Re: catching up on the CDT-L

We're just home from our Colorado Trail/ CDT section
hike and I'm catching up on this list. I agree, this
is the list of choice for cdt planners.

Jim, you are completely right about needing Current-Up
to Date info. We had the new updated Colorado Trail
guide, copyright 2002, a glossy book weighing in at 23
ounces, and its info wasn't even up to date. 

The resupply at Copper Mt, we found, could be
facilitated by simply Staying on the trail til it went
right behind the resort, and one could see the
American Eagle ski lift. Right there, a small trail
leads within just a couple hundred feet, to the heart
of the resort. The guidebook told us to take that hwy
91 road walk. A couple miles later, and much time
wasted,  we were resupplied and back on trail. Next
morning we saw that easy way to resupply there at the
tiny but adequate store. Just wanted to pass that info
on to future hikers. They also have a post office, but
that can get you hung up if you arrive on a weekend.

Anyways, then, Mt Princeton,(south of Twin Lakes) with
the hot springs was given just a passing note as a way
to Soak the Feet, and turns out it had a great little
store, with hot food (microwave, and hot dogs on a
grill, ice cream etc). Now, that was hiker heaven, and
its right on trail. That was info that could really be

Molas Pass Campground acording to the trailquide had a
great little store, with beer, showers etc. You can
still mail boxes there, but now the store has been
truely streamlined, and has just snacks. Not a full
resupply place. (This campground is just a bit off the
official cdt, which takes one closer to Silverton, so
perhaps not as important info for cdt hikers)

So, totally, I agree about the necessity of same year
research for food resupplies, and back up plans, post
offices, current telephone numbers and addresses for 
towns uptrail, because even the hours vary from week
to week in some of these little places. 

Now that hikers are getting back home from this
season's hikes, the questions and on list traffic is
bound to pick up.


---seeking the perfect gram-gear ratio

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