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[cdt-l] CDT- 03, a closed case...

Hey ya'll !
I'm glad ( or should I say sad ??? ) to inform you that my CDT journey is (as of this afternoon) is over and done with.
After flip floppin' from Cumbres pass on May 27th to Rawlins , WY and going on north from there into Canada, and going back to Rawlins and hiking south from ther all the way through Colorado I got to Cumbres pass a few hours ago and posted my last messege on the Chama post office CDT register, I'm thinking about going back home now.
( For all of you SB'ers, the rates for motels here in chama are pretty high - 45 $ minimum... except for this one - the Shamrock hotel , goes for 30 $ a night plus they have a fast internet connection here in the hotel... ) 
Good luck to all of you guys still making your way, it's a little cold now but it's worth it !
Patch, James, Porter, Hawkeye, Molson, Tapeworm, H , Dirt :
 HAPPY TRAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shachaf Ronen ( Stuff ) 


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