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[cdt-l] Ridiculous Pumpkin Haul III (another CO trip report)

Well, looks like people are enjoying the CO trip
reports. I'll keep them coming as long as people don't
mind something not always on the CDT :-)

During the past summer, I enjoyed organizing weeknight
twilight hikes. A chance to get out, enjoy some fresh
air and do a bit of socializing. As the days grow
short, the twilight hikes become night hikes.

Night hiking is an enjoyable experience. The stars
above, the wind blowing through the trees, the quiet
that seems to be out at night. 

This particular night hike was the 3rd Annual
Ridiculous Pumpkin Haul. For the past three years, my
good friend Paul has organized a hike where we carry
pumpkins to the top of Mt. Sanitas ( local peak in
Boulder), carve jack o' lanterns and light them up
with the panorama of Boulder below us. An odd, but
fun, Halloween tradition.

Last year, it snowed on us. This year, the night sky
was very clear. The temps were cool, but comfortably
so. Had a pleasant hike to the summit's saddle and
looked down upon the view of Boulder at night. Was so
clear out, could also see the Skyline of Denver, over
30 miles away.

At the summit, broke out the carving knives, candles,
pumpkins and thermoses full of hot drinks.  My trusty
thermos contained apple cinnamon tea. Perfect for
carving pumpkins on a cool October evening.  After
collecting all the pumpkin residue, we lit the the
pumpkins up.  Seeing all the jack o' lanterns glowing
made for a memorable sight.

After admiring the pumpkins, slurping on some hot
drinks and cleaning up everything, made our way back
down. We all enjoyed the night, and a unique way to
enjoy Halloween.

Not the best pic, but you can see pumpkins a-glow at:

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