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[cdt-l] route variant around Yellowstone

this sounds like a good idea, maybe. I don't know, one kinda falls in love
with the divide on the MT/ID border just because you spend alot of time
right ontop of it and it is the border. That said there are also alot of
boring/monotonous sections in there also. But they really are punctuated
by some remarkable places ie the thumb, red conglomerate, morrison lake,
little lake, to mention a few.
My idea would be to head to the Tetons from green river lakes then up the
west side of yellowstone to the gallatin and then head west. You'd
miss brooks lake and the snake headwaters right away. Then youd go through
the higest concentration of grizzlies in the lower US. 
Can someone describe the Ennis Cut off?

BUT, I would not advise on skipping the Anaconda-Pintlers, this was a
definate highlight on the entire CDT.


On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Christopher Willett wrote:

> Hi All, 
> If I hike next summer, I was thinking about doing a non-standard route in 
> the northern WY/southern MT area.  Specifically, dodging west from 
> the Wind Rivers to the Tetons, north through the park into 
> Yellowstone, into the northern end of that park, and then into the 
> Absoroka/Beartooth mountains. This area I've wanted to tramp through
> for a few years.  Plus, I might scamper up Granite Peak.  This 
> variant would
> lead me pretty naturally into Bozeman
> and rather far off the divide.  Just from glancing a map, it looks like 
> Anaconda is the closest link up point. Unfortunately, there seems to be 
> very litte forest land between Bozeman and Anaconda, which meas a lot of 
> road walking.
> So, the road walking aspect is certainly a big downside. Plus, I would
> miss the Bitterroots, Lemhi Pass, etc.  Any thoughts on the route, or 
> how hard it would be to piece together a route from Bozeman to 
> Anaconda?  Is the Idaho/MT border just not to be missed?
> Chris
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