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[cdt-l] Canada's Great Divide Trail?

There is a forum for the CDT at http://www.rmbooks.com/gdt/gdt.htm

It doesn't seem to be terribly active, but the author might be monitoring


On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Nathan Young wrote:

> Has anyone heard from Dick Mallery, or Dick E. Bird as he would sign the end 
> of his messages to this list?  In 2001 he posted a few messages about the 
> GDT, but I haven't been able to track him down because all the e-mail 
> addresses and web addresses he used have gone inactive.  I'm interested in 
> getting his take, or anyone else's, on thru hiking the GDT as described in 
> Dustin Lynx's book Hiking Canada's Great Divide Trail.
> BTW, does the GDT have its own e-mail list?
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