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[cdt-l] Canada's Great Divide Trail?

Nathan, I've done the "GDT" but spent most of the time away from the
route in Lynx's book. It's a fantastic hike. You may want to check in
with Peter Vacco as well, he's did a route, obviously, as part of his
Mexico to Alaska "CDT" walk. I have his email if you like, contact me

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Has anyone heard from Dick Mallery, or Dick E. Bird as he would sign the
of his messages to this list?  In 2001 he posted a few messages about
GDT, but I haven't been able to track him down because all the e-mail 
addresses and web addresses he used have gone inactive.  I'm interested
getting his take, or anyone else's, on thru hiking the GDT as described
Dustin Lynx's book Hiking Canada's Great Divide Trail.

BTW, does the GDT have its own e-mail list?

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