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[cdt-l] route variant around Yellowstone

>> I was thinking about doing a non-standard route in 
the northern WY/southern MT area.  Specifically, dodging west from 
the Wind Rivers to the Tetons, north through the park into 
Hi Chris,

>> Yellowstone, into the northern end of that park, and then into the 
Absoroka/Beartooth mountains.

This is a terrific hike. I walked from Bozeman south along the Gallatin
Divide (or, start near Red Lodge and go through the Beartooths), cut
west through the Hellroaring, Slouth, and Pebble Drainages, then south
up the Lamar Valley, through Thorofare, over to Bechler, into the
Tetons, then linked to the Winds via the Gros Ventre range, ending at S
Pass City. In my opinion, this is a premier route that blows the CDT

>> lead me pretty naturally into Bozeman
and rather far off the divide.

I'm in Bozeman. I'll shuttle you back!

>> Just from glancing a map, it looks like 
Anaconda is the closest link up point. Unfortunately, there seems to be 
very litte forest land between Bozeman and Anaconda, which meas a lot of

road walking.

It's not bad. I've linked the two as well. From Bozeman, you can go up
the Gallatin Divide via the Hyalites, drop back down onto Hwy 191 and
into the Spanish Peaks area via Spanish Creek. Then continue north over
the road to Big Sky Resort, and continue through the Taylor-Hilgard
wilderness, where you can link up with the Gravelly range eventually and
you're back on the divide. Alternatively, from the Spanish Peaks you
could traverse to the Tobacco Root range, which provides some fantastic
ridgewalking, and then south to Dillon, and scoot over Lemhi from there
and back to the divide.

>> So, the road walking aspect is certainly a big downside.

Hitch through the roads or get a ride!

>> Plus, I would
miss the Bitterroots, Lemhi Pass, etc.  Any thoughts on the route, or 
how hard it would be to piece together a route from Bozeman to 
Anaconda?  Is the Idaho/MT border just not to be missed?

ID/MT border is less than spectacular. Skip it!

Contact me off list for more info. I've linked several long hikes in
this area and would be happy to offer some more detailed route planning
assistance or to answer your questions, or provide you with hiker