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[cdt-l] montana/idaho resupply

As Mike mentions resupply from Lemhi Pass maybe easier in then next few 
years due to the anniversary of Lewis and Clark anniversary.

I met two hikers this summer who were traveling along the Divide from Lost 
Trail to Monida who had a pretty good story about how friendly people were 
at Lemhi Pass and the Sacajawea Memorial Camp. As they approached the pass 
they could see people from a camper who were watching them hike and taking 
pictures as they approached. These people were all excited to meet the 
backpackers (actually 4 at the time) and furnished them with fresh fruit. 
After setting up camp, they hiked down to cook dinner at the Sacajawea 
Memorial Camp, where another group furnished them with snackes and 
sandwiches. After dinner, a third group forced them to take more sandwiches 
even though they were completely full. At this point they were discussing 
their plans to get to Bannock Pass where their car was waiting (two of the 
hikers had to catch a flight in two days). A person from a fourth group 
overheard them and offered to take one of them around to Bannock Pass to 
retrieve their vehicle. Needless to say, they were very impressed with the 
friendliness of everyone at the pass.


At 05:31 PM 10/18/2003, you wrote:
>in 2002 i resupplied from lost trail summit into Salmon, then from Lemhi 
>pass into Tendoy.
>it didnt take a horribly long time to get to or from Salmon- definitely 
>not the easiest hitch of the whole trek but not as bad as i have heard 
>Bannock pass to be.
>lemhi pass will continue to get more and more traffic as the anniversary 
>of Lewis and Clark approaches.  plus, people stop there rather than 
>crusing thru so you can schmooze them and improve your chances of getting 
>a ride.
>there is a little grocery and PO in Tendoy, super nice lady tends the 
>store and used to be the postmistress.  Sula doesnt have a PO, though i 
>bet shopkeepers could help you out as was suggested by others.
>hope that helps,
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