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[cdt-l] montana/idaho resupply

in 2002 i resupplied from lost trail summit into Salmon, then from Lemhi 
pass into Tendoy.
it didnt take a horribly long time to get to or from Salmon- definitely not 
the easiest hitch of the whole trek but not as bad as i have heard Bannock 
pass to be.
lemhi pass will continue to get more and more traffic as the anniversary of 
Lewis and Clark approaches.  plus, people stop there rather than crusing 
thru so you can schmooze them and improve your chances of getting a ride.  
there is a little grocery and PO in Tendoy, super nice lady tends the store 
and used to be the postmistress.  Sula doesnt have a PO, though i bet 
shopkeepers could help you out as was suggested by others.
hope that helps,

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