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[cdt-l] montana/idaho resupply

 I have farely limited knowledge on the CDT ,but do know this area. Lima 
Motel owners are very helpful and will do your clothes and let you camp in back 
for free. They also will give you a ride back to the Pass. Decent Food at the 
small truck stop cafe and Ok to resupply from store or better yet send a " 
Bounce box to Lima". 
  Motel owners took back motel from other owners and are eager to help 
hikers. Hitch to town shouldn'd be hard. I hitched back from Bannock Pass which is a 
10 mph dirt single track. The hitch on I-15 should be a cake wake. Get a 
shower , hot meal , and a cold one in Lima. ( No on the death march by passing 
this up)
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