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[cdt-l] montana/idaho resupply

re: Macks inn - Lima - Leadore
As I skipped the section between Macks inn and I15 (Lima) I went straight
to leadore, it took 5 days but I did alot of longer alternates, so I would
advise hitching into lima. Yeah this will suck esp as you are on major
freeway, not to mention that it is probably illegal. But I have good word,
the best omelette on the trip is in some diner in lima and the guy there
is very helpful. You just have to do the hitch, but I had very good luck
in this country, i took me less than 3 hours to hitch the 90 miles from
Macks inn to the MT/ID border where I hopped back on the trail and the
killgore yale road I was on is perty damn remote and not well
travelled. Some of the more interesting moments on the trail were the
hitches! BTW hitching in to Leadore required me spending the night at
bannock pass as it did also of another hiker. It was kinda wierd, there
were a fair amount of cars, I don't know what their problems were...

re: Salmon / Wisdom => SULA 
(I dont ' know why nobody seems to know about this but,)
If you are looking to get in and out quickly,  your best bet is  the
little tiny town of Sula MT. It's about 20 miles north of lost trail
pass.  I don't know the zip or if there is a post office (thought i
suppose there is) but there is a conoco/koa there and they even have tent
sites and showers and a hot tub. I'm sure if you contact them that they
will help you out. The food there is typical truck stop food, there is a
little cafe with odd hours in there but I wouldnt think the food quality
is too high. If you want good food and a hotel then go to Salmon. I have
heard the hitch to salmon was the worst of the trip for another thru
hiker, it took him almost a whole day to get back to cheif jo pass. I
hitched to Sula and had a friend meet me there that day and take me back
up to the pass, they kept a tab on my credit card whilst i was there for a
few hours!
Another idea is to contact the Lost Trail hotsprings resort. I cant
remember how far it is exactly from the pass, its also to the north but
not as far as sula. I saw that it is for sale (how I would like to buy
that!) so that may also monkey with your plans if you check in to this
very much in advance of your hike.

Best of luck

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Christopher Willett wrote:

> I meant to go to the CDT workshop at the Gathering this weekend, but 
> there was a slideshow on the Artic that distracted me.  So, I have 
> a couple of resupply questions here. 
> Between Macks Inn and Leadore, are there any resupply points other than 
> Lima? Or, am I stuck with deciding between a long resupply run or a  
> hard hitch?
> Between Leadore and Anaconda, are there any feasible resupply points 
> other than Salmon and Wisdom?  These both seem to be very hard, long 
> hitches, which I'd rather avoid.  But, this makes for a very long (220+
> miles) resupply run.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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