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[cdt-l] montana/idaho resupply

I meant to go to the CDT workshop at the Gathering this weekend, but 
there was a slideshow on the Artic that distracted me.  So, I have 
a couple of resupply questions here. 

Between Macks Inn and Leadore, are there any resupply points other than 
Lima? Or, am I stuck with deciding between a long resupply run or a  
hard hitch?

Between Leadore and Anaconda, are there any feasible resupply points 
other than Salmon and Wisdom?  These both seem to be very hard, long 
hitches, which I'd rather avoid.  But, this makes for a very long (220+
miles) resupply run.



Christopher Willett
Department of Mathematics
Indiana University
831 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN. 47405-7106