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[cdt-l] just finnished the cdt

Congratulations on finishing.  I hope it was a terrific hike and that you 
will have lots of stories to share.  I'm glad northern Montana was kind to 
you.  Glacier can be so beautiful, if the weather is kind.

Your story of the biker reminds me of the Great Divide biker we met in 
Wyoming, near South Pass.  When we said we had walked from Canada, the same 
distance (or more) that he had bicycled, he fell off his bike.  We enjoyed a 
nice chat.

When I was on the AT a friend met a kid at Harriman State Park in New York.  
When he told the guy that he had walked there from Georgia, the kid said, 
"No way, you're high."  A few minutes later, he met another hiker, and the 
kid said, "you wouldn't believe this strange guy I just met who claims he 
walked all the way from Georgia to New York."  The hikers smiled and said, 
"Well, so did I."

When we were on the CDT it was really hard to believe that we were really 
going to walk that far.  We would sometimes tell folks what we were doing, 
but a little voice inside said, "You're crazy!"  Especially in Montana, when 
we had barely started - Mexico seemed very far away.  So we did the usual, 
concentrated on getting to the next town, or the next Forest, or the next 
highlight -- and didn't worry about the end of the trail, just this week and 
this month.  It wasn't until we were past Chama that it didn't seem utterly 
ridiculous to say, "We're walking to Mexico."


>In a message dated 10/5/2003 3:19:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>jimmcc@selway.umt.edu writes:
> > It was a great trip, the trail magic ran thick even right up until the
> > last moment. Pictures from the first 3rd of the trip are up on my 
> > and when I get "home" I will put up highlights from the remainder.
> >
>Kudos on your hike!  Where's your website?
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